About Spacetime

Nate, Jen, Brooke, Brent

Booking a private event that costs more than $1000 is a ton of work. Planning such an event typically entails researching and contacting several merchants to check on availability, filling out multiple forms, and then repeating that process for days or even weeks until a location is found.

Once a host finds a venue, a lot of back and forth still has to take place. Menus must be chosen, times agreed upon, and special arrangements made. Contracts need to be written and signed and deposits placed. In the lead up to the event, the merchant and host usually have to communicate back and forth multiple times.

This process can be very cumbersome for both the merchant and the customer. Spacetime founder Brooke Gillis knew this all too well from her years spent managing a large private events venue. Jennifer Schmidt saw it first hand from both the customer's and restaurant's point of view, booking many parties and running BirminghamMenus.com, a site that lists private event venues in town.

Brooke and Jennifer set out to make software to simplify this process. Along with the technical expertise of Nate Schmidt, founder of Instagift.com, they launched Spacetime.

Spacetime installs effortlessly on merchant websites. It collects event data, and makes it easy for the merchant and the host to communicate about the upcoming event. Best of all, customers don't have to keep filling out forms. If a customer's first choice isn't available for an upcoming event, Spacetime will help them find the perfect venue.

With Spacetime, planning an event is no longer rocket science.